Fall Preparation for a Beautiful Lawn Next Year

Fall is a beautiful time of year to relax and prepare for the first snowfall. However, many property owners don’t realize that fall is also the time to lay the foundation for a perfectly manicured lawn next spring. Find out what you can do this fall to enjoy a pristine outdoor living area next year.


Keep Raking Your Leaves

Whether you need an excuse to jump into a pile of leaves or you need the encouragement to pick up your rake, raking your leaves is an important fall lawn care step. If you wait too long, dew and leaves will create a thick mat, foster fungal diseases, and prevent air and moisture from reaching your grass. Clear your lawn to help your grass soak up all the oxygen it can before winter.


Proper Soil Aeration

For even more oxygen and penetrating fertilizer, invest in a soil aerator or have your lawn aerated by a professional service. This will make a huge difference in the health of your lawn after the snow begins to melt. Aerating allows both oxygen and fertilizer to soak deep into your soil and improve the overall health of your lawn.


Change Your Mowing Strategy

Don’t be tempted to ease up on your lawn mowing as the temperatures start to drop. Keep up on your mowing all fall to improve the health of your grass. As the season winds down, cut your grass at the lowest setting for the last two cuttings or so. This is just another step in allowing sunlight and oxygen to get to the crown and roots of your grass. A professional landscaping service will schedule the correct amount of mowing throughout the fall to keep your grass healthy.


Ask for Help

If all this fall lawn care has you ready to throw in the towel, ask for help. Turn to Heritage Landscape for more tips, tricks, and a professional landscaping team who can help you design your dream lawn and prepare it for a healthy, new year. Give us a call at 816-307-2004 or send us an email today!