How Bidding and Contracting Work for Snow Removal

Before the snow starts to settle in this winter, you’ll want to think about hiring a snow removal company. In order to hire the right company, you will need to understand how bidding and contracting work. The following breaks down some contract options and what you should consider.

Time and Materials

Some companies choose a time and materials contract so they can receive snow removal as needed. If you’re unsure about the winter or feel you can manage snow removal a portion of the time on your own, this would be a good option. Keep in mind, there’s no set fee, so the snow removal company could charge more the next time you contact them for services.

Fixed Fees

A fixed fee contract is an arrangement in which your snow removal service is constant, no matter the amount of snowfall. With a higher-than-average snowfall, you could end up saving money, though your service could be capped as a protection to the company. This type of contract is popular for areas that experience regular snowfall during winter.

Be sure you speak with your snow removal company about exactly what services they’ll provide, for the agreed-upon fee. You’ll want to be certain you’re getting what you pay for every time it snows. Bidding for this type of service may depend on the severity of the winter.

Per Push

When you hire a snow removal company with a per push contract, you’ll receive a bid for each occurrence during a storm. For example, they’ll give you a bid for your parking lot and your sidewalks. They’ll bid salt or sand, as well as ice removal. This could make the price a little higher, but you’ll be able to budget upfront for the service.

Per Inch

Bidding a “per inch” contract is fairly simple, as there’s a clearly defined rate based on the amount of snow that falls. For example, the snow removal company may have one price range for 1-to-3 inches of snowfall, and another price range for 3-to-5 inches of snowfall.

Getting Started

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