How To Prepare Your Landscape for the Winter

Winter is coming. Is your lawn prepared for the seasonal change? In Kansas City, winter conditions may begin as early as the fall, making it necessary for property managers to be proactive. Here are some simple steps you can take to ensure the landscape you invested so much in all year is winter-ready.


Prep the Irrigation System

Work with your landscaper to ensure your irrigation system is ready to take on those dips in temperature. Failure to winterize your system could lead to costly repairs in the springtime. Remember that when water is in the line and temperatures fall, water freezes and expands, which may burst pipes and hoses.


Plan for Snow

There is more to snow and ice removal at your place of business than just aesthetics. Safety is also important. Ice especially can lead to slip-and-fall accidents. Premises liability cases can be very expensive, and if the person is an employee, they may also need to miss several days of work. Make sure you have a plan in place before the first snowfall.


Add Some Insulation

You can offer some protection to plants from the winter cold by adding pine straw or mulch in the fall.  While it may not do much for the plant above the soil, it does help to protect the roots. The mulch helps the earth to maintain a constant temperature and retain moisture throughout the winter.


Rake the Leaves

During the fall, raking up leaves can seem like a pointless job. As soon as your landscaper clears the leaves away, a new set begins to settle. However, keeping up with leaf removal helps the grass to catch the last bit of sunlight before it becomes scarce in the winter. This keeps the grass healthy and improves the chances of it fighting off diseases.

Preparing your landscape for the cold season is a lot of work. To ensure the job gets done correctly, rely on Heritage Landscape. Contact us by calling 816-307-2004 or sending an email today!