Commercial Landscaping Design & Construction

Heritage Landscape Commercial and Residential Landscaping Design & Construction Services.

Heritage Landscape Professionals know how to transform our customers’ dreams and priorities into outdoor spaces that can be enjoyed, managed and admired for years and years to come.

Our design & build services include:
✓ Plantings and Planting Bed Installation
✓ Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, Annuals
✓ Ornament Boulders / Garden Art
✓ Mulching services
✓ Sod Installation
✓ Bed Preparation
✓ Edging services
✓ Retaining Walls
✓ Patios and Sidewalks
✓ Clean and Seal Services
✓ Water features
✓ Koi pond installations
✓ Ornamental fountains
✓ Full service pond or aquatic
✓ Plant Maintenance
✓ Drainage Services
✓ Downspout Burial
✓ French Drains Collection
✓ Area Drains
✓ Re-grading
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Landscaping Design & Construction
Retaining Walls
Design & Build​ 6
Custom Walkways and Landscaping

Outdoor Living Designs & Installations

As Midwesterners we certainly know how to appreciate the appeal of seasonal change; we get everything winter, spring, summer and fall have to offer. And Heritage Landscape’s approach to Outdoor Living focuses on just that, how to take maximum advantage of your outdoor space throughout our fluctuating, yet exciting Kansas City climate. Who says your favorite room of the house has to be in the house?
Outdoor living services include:
✓ Kitchens and Grills

✓ Fireplaces and Fire Pits
✓ Pools and Hot Tubs

✓ Arbors, Pergolas & other overhead structures
Residential Lawn Services 2-
Outdoor Fireplace Design & Build
Design & Build​ 5
Outdoor Feature Area Design
Design & Build​ 4
Fireplaces & Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Professional Lighting Design

All successful and visually appealing outdoor lighting systems need to start with a lighting design. A lighting consultation with a professional outdoor lighting designer is the first step. From that meeting the lighting designer can begin to determine your lighting wants and needs. The fee for lighting consultation and design by a professional lighting designer is well worth the expenditure.

An artistic, well-installed, high quality 12 volt Outdoor Landscape lighting system requires four things:

✓ 12 volt equipment

✓ Installation

✓ Maintenance

✓ Design

Outdoor lighting system equipment has to resist the forces of nature 24 hours a day, seven day a week. The beautiful artistic scenes created with lighting can only happen with the proper equipment. The lighting system will only last as long as the quality of the equipment that is installed. No matter how good the lighting design, if the equipment is low quality the design will not be properly executed and the lighting system will not hold up.
The installation of the lighting design is another important part of an outdoor lighting system. Once again, the system will only operate properly if this step is done correctly. Transformers, wire and fixtures will all have to be connected in a way that is efficient and able to perform correctly for years to come. It also allows for the installation of more lighting to be added in the future if necessary. A poorly installed outdoor lighting system will only mean frustration at a later date.
After the outdoor lighting system is completed the person should expect years of beauty, safety and security. Maintenance to the system should be done twice a year to keep the original design intent intact. Lamps that need replaced should be done at maintenance times as well as looking for warranty issues. If maintenance is not done, the system will eventually discontinue working due to lamps burning out.

Fountains, ponds and waterfalls for Commercial Properties

Fountains, ponds and waterfalls add a delightful aspect to any landscape. Water features can soothe the soul but who wants to maintain them? We’re experienced in the intricacy of the interplay of water, terrain, and surrounding plants, and pride ourselves on how they all fit together.
We offer everything from installation to maintenance.
Here are a few tips:

⁘ If your stream or waterfall is still running, be sure to watch for ice dams – remove as needed.

⁘ On features shut down for the winter, check to make sure pumps have water and are not freezing.

⁘ Take care of those fish! Keep an open hole in pond ice for oxygen exchange. Use a floating de-icer if needed. Do not feed your fish until water temperature is above 50 degrees.Continue to add cold water bacteria and barley extract.

⁘ Plan now for spring! Schedule early for spring start-ups, spring cleanouts, water feature builds, and makeovers.

⁘ Go green with the addition of filtration, aeration, and beneficial bacteria to help control weed and algae issues in pond and lake management. Help your water quality, clarity, and beautification with streams and waterfalls. Don’t get chemically dependent.

⁘ Call to find out what you need to be doing this winter to enhance your water feature!

water features design and maintenance for kansas city
Commercial Property Water Features Design & Construction
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