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Round 1 Fertilizer & Pre-emergent

Round One- pre-emergent helps prevent the germination of annual grassy weeds such as crabgrass and foxtail. The fertilizer will help wake up your lawn from its long winter’s nap and continue to spoon feed the turf throughout the early spring.

Round 2 Fertilizer & Post-emergent

Round Two- fertilizer & post-emergent application will provide fertilizer to keep your lawn thick and lush going into summer and control for early spring broadleaf weeds such as henbit and dandelions.

Round 3 Fertilizer & Grub Control

Round Three- fertilizer & grub control will provide fertilizer to slowly feed your turf to keep it healthy through the hot summer months while providing additional protection against grubs.

Round 4 Herbicide & Nutsedge

Round 4- herbicide & nutsedge application is designed to control broadleaf weeds that may germinate in the summer months such as white clover, black medic, and buckhorn plantain and nutsedges. Additional treatments for nutsedge are available.

Round 5 Fertilizer & Herbicide

Round Five- fertilizer & herbicide application is designed to gently feed your turf throughout the late summer heat to help it stay green and lush while spot treating any broadleaf weeds that germinate in the warm summer months

Round 6 Fall Fertilizer

Round 6 – fall fertilizer will spoon feed your turf with essential nutrients as it prepares for dormancy.

Round 7 Winterizer

Round 7- winter fertilizer will help your turf reserve nutrients during winter months and is essential for fast growth out of dormancy in the early spring months of next year.

Residential Lawn Services for Kansas City
Nutsedge Application

Nutsedge, also called water grass or nut grass is actually not a grass at all buy comes from the sedge family. There is no preventative for this particular weed. A large problem with sedge it that it can reproduce either by tuber or seed and can remain dormant in the ground for several years before appearing. During Round 4 we specifically treat for any sedge that may have germinated, however, because of the nature of its reproductive abilities, multiple applications may be necessary.

Flea & Tick

This application is applied to your lawn to help reduce flea, tick, chiggers, and other various pests. This application will usually provide 5-7 weeks of protection.

Hard Surface Weed Control

Our hard surface weed control is a spot application of a non-selective herbicide to treat all of your hardscape cracks, crevices, rock beds and tree rings. Several applications may be necessary depending on the weather.

Turf Fungicide 1 & 2

Preventative fungicides are a crucial part of your program. Fungicides will help to protect your turf from diseases such as brown patch and pythium. We recommend two applications May through August before any fungus is detected.

Turf Fungicide Post App

Unfortunately once turf fungus is identified in your turf, your lawn will need a double application of product applied twice within 30 days to combat the fungus. We highly recommend pre-treating as a preventative as the post-application can be very expensive.

Planter Bed Pre-Emergent 1-3

Our planter bed pre-emergent is a small granular almost sawdust looking product applied to your landscape beds to prevent the germination of weeds to help reduce weeds and keep your beds cleaner throughout the year. Even though you may have weed mat, most weeds are blown in or dropped in by birds that germinate in your top layer of mulch. For optimum coverage, we suggest two more applications every two months throughout the growing season. Additionally, we highly suggest a planter bed pre-emergent treatment with any mulch application with following bi-monthly treatments.

Tree/Shrub Insecticide Spring, Summer & Fall

Our foliar treatment is designed to rid your small ornamental trees, bushes and plants of insects such as mites, scale and aphides that can cause damage. We recommend a total of three applications, once in the spring, summer and fall for season long coverage.

Tree Insecticide Spring, Summer & Fall

Our foliar Tree Insecticide application is for larger mature trees not covered in our Tree & Shrub application. Like our ornamental tree and shrub application it will rid your trees of insects, borers, mites & scale that can cause damage during the growing season.

Dormant Oil Application Spring

While your shrubs and trees are still dormant, we aren’t. Spring dormant oil is a liquid application applied to trees and shrubs to decrease the population of over-wintering insect adults and eggs hiding in the limb bark and trunk of the plant material.

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