Reinvent Your Commercial Landscape With 5 Tips

Your business’s landscape is a client’s first point of contact. The appearance of your property can impact how comfortable people feel on your campus and how others view your company from the outside. At Heritage Landscape, we understand how important it is to reinvent your commercial landscape. Take Stock of Your Landscape Before reinventing your

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Why You Should Upgrade to LED Lights For Your Commercial Landscape

When it comes to running a business and managing properties, every cost adds up. One of the highest costs businesses pay is electricity. Consequently, any effort to conserve consumption can go a long way toward reducing overhead costs. Did you know that this could be as easy as just changing out the lighting on your

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What Commercial Landscaping Communicates About Businesses

Commercial landscaping is an extension of the branding of your business. While bushes and trees may not communicate your logo precisely, attention to detail and design practices speaks volumes to customers. Learn how commercial landscaping can benefit your brand, whether your business is primarily online or if you are a brick-and-mortar establishment.  Communicate Values  Sustainable

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The Value of Winterizing Your Commercial Irrigation System

Winter in Kansas City can bring a mix of weather, from a few balmy days to temperatures that fall below freezing. Leaving your commercial irrigation system exposed to the cold can lead to big problems that could cost a lot of money. Therefore, scheduling winterproofing with a professional contractor is one of the best things

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