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Lawn Care Services

Our mow, edge and blow service includes, professional mowing of your lawn, mechanical edging of the perimeter of your commercial lawn and blowing all clippings back on to your lawn. We rotate each mow in a different direction to keep from tracking. We recommend mowing weekly for the best value and service. Mowing every two weeks allows the grass to grow too long to cut once and additional charges apply when it takes two to three cuts to get the grass cut down and mulched back in to your lawn.

Because Mother Nature really sets our mowing schedule some customers may have their visit a day before a rain, and some will occur the day after depending on how long and how much rain we received.

Planter Bed Weed Pulling and Shrub Trimming

Our shrub pruning & trimming includes trimming all your shrubs based on best horticulture practices and removal of all trimmings. We can also customize your trimming. If you would like that boxwood to look like a Giraffe, we can do that too! Most landscapes only require 2-4 trimmings a year and if you have our Spring & Fall Cleanups you already have two of them covered!

Spring Clean Up

Our spring cleanup consists of trimming all shrubs and perennials, removing any weeds, trash or debris from the winter months, refreshing all bed edges for the coming season and cutting grass down to 1/3 of its mature height.

Fall Clean Up Services

Our fall cleanup consists of trimming all shrubs and perennials, weeding the planter beds, and most importantly, removing all the leaves from your lawn and planter beds. Depending on the situation we will mulch the leaves into a bagger or remove them by hand rake.

Mulch Installation

We apply double ground, brown or black, hardwood mulch, 2” in depth. We highly suggest the addition of our planter bed pre-emergent after each mulch application to deter potential weed growth.

Core Aeration

Core aeration helps break up soil compaction, reduce thatch buildup and assists with water and air movement to the root zone of your turf. This is a not just a Fall service. Spring is also a good time to consider core aeration.

Verticut & Over-seed

Our verticut & over-seed application consists of, thoroughly dethatching your lawn using two verticuts in opposite directions, seeding with our Blue Ribbon Tall Fescue Mix at 8 lbs per 1,000 sq.ft., an additional verticut to push the seed into the soil for better seed/soil contact and a light broadcast over-seed to finish. We highly recommend our core aeration be completed prior to your vericut & over-seed to maximize new seed growth.

Lawn Care Services
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Planter Bed Weed Pulling and Shrub Trimming
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Mulch Installation
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