Reinvent Your Commercial Landscape With 5 Tips

Your business’s landscape is a client’s first point of contact. The appearance of your property can impact how comfortable people feel on your campus and how others view your company from the outside. At Heritage Landscape, we understand how important it is to reinvent your commercial landscape.

Take Stock of Your Landscape

Before reinventing your property, look at the components that make up the landscape. Evaluate each piece with an objective mind. You should keep nice features and serve a purpose, but don’t hesitate to throw out those pieces that no longer look good. Do not try to revive plants that struggle to live.

Think About Different Visual Areas

Your property may have several visual areas of interest. If you want to change your landscape, you do not have to focus on the overall project. Instead, try to work on smaller areas. When you work on smaller pieces, you are less likely to become overwhelmed by the project.

Let Yourself Make an Impact

Don’t be afraid to go big when it comes to commercial landscapes. We can include significant elements like retaining walls and colorful plants. When you add diversity of size and color, you have a more significant impact on your guests.

Prioritize Guests on Your Property

People have to interact with your landscape. Think about what people see when they first drive up to your property, what they see from the windows and what they see walking the grounds.

Keep Long-Term Maintenance in Mind

We will help you choose landscape features you can maintain for the long term. For example, some plants do not adapt to the climate or commercial conditions. Do not choose too many plants that need replacements.

Your commercial landscape is a part of your business’s brand. Your business’s exterior can impact how guests, staff, and clients perceive your company. At Heritage Landscape, we treat your commercial landscape like our own. Contact us today to find out how to reinvent your commercial landscape.

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