The Value of Winterizing Your Commercial Irrigation System

Winter in Kansas City can bring a mix of weather, from a few balmy days to temperatures that fall below freezing. Leaving your commercial irrigation system exposed to the cold can lead to big problems that could cost a lot of money. Therefore, scheduling winterproofing with a professional contractor is one of the best things you can do.

At Heritage Landscape, we prepare your commercial irrigation system to ensure it won’t suffer any damages during cold weather. Our team will also make sure the system is ready to go in the spring when it is time to start watering again. This is a fairly simple process, and for most companies can be accomplished in one day.

A Few Steps to Take on Your Own

If your system is relatively new and you have some handy workers, it is a good idea to inspect your system near the end of the fall season. Start by checking the drains that pull water away from the plants and the irrigation system. There may be several tasks where it is advisable to have professional help:

  • Removing standing water in the pipes
  • Using a compressor system to blow out remaining moisture
  • Placing insulating covers on exposed pipes

A spurt of cold weather could freeze pipes that have moisture inside, resulting in expensive repairs and the replacement of lines.

Several Benefits with Commercial Irrigation

Working irrigation systems allow you to have beautiful grounds for customers and employees. It keeps your grass, flowers, bushes, and trees healthy throughout the year. Watering by hand or moving around sprinklers is time-consuming and often gets poor results. By utilizing a commercial irrigation system, you ensure effortless operation and efficient water usage every time.

At Heritage Landscape, we can keep your system operating at peak efficiency throughout the year. Call us today at 816-741-0000 to make an appointment for irrigation winterization.

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