RESIDENTIAL Lawn Maintenance

Trust Heritage Landscape Residential Lawn Maintenance Services

Residential Lawn Services for the Kansas City Area

Our mow, edge and blow service includes, professional mowing of your lawn, mechanical edging of the perimeter of your  lawn and blowing all clippings back on to your lawn.  We recommend mowing weekly for the best value and service. Mowing every two weeks allows the grass to grow too long to cut once and additional charges apply when it takes two to three cuts to get the grass cut down and mulched back in to your lawn.

Because Mother Nature really sets our mowing schedule some customers may have their visit a day before a rain, and some will occur the day after depending on how long and how much rain we received.

Residential Plant Health Services for Kansas City

Our planter bed weeding includes the complete removal of all weeds in your planter bed either by hand or mechanical. Our recommendation minimum is a visit every two weeks during the growing season.

Residential Pruning & Trimming for KC

Our shrub pruning & trimming includes trimming all your shrubs based on best horticulture practices and removal of all trimmings. 

Residential Lawn Maintenace Services
Residential Lawn & Planting Services
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