Pruning: Why Winter Is the Best Time

Ensure the strength and health of your trees by pruning them this winter. Pruning can prevent future problems from occurring. In the winter, trees have fewer diseases, fewer pests, and growth is halted, making winter the best season for pruning. 

Winter Pruning Improves Tree Health

Disease and infestation can spread from the branches of a tree to the rest of the tree. An infestation in one tree can also transfer to another. Whether your trees have pests or an illness, you should remove the afflicted branches as soon as possible. This can cut down on the disease’s ability to spread through the wood or to other plants. Have crossed branches removed in addition to diseased branches. These branches are more likely to become injured or damaged because they rub together.

Winter Pruning Improves Safety

Heavy branches can fall and cause property damage and personal injury. If your tree’s branches fall into the street, injuring another person, you are liable. Diseased or dead branches are at a much higher risk of breaking off and causing problems. Pruning removes the dead and injured branches and leaves behind the healthy ones, increasing the safety of your property.

Winter Pruning Enhances Appearance

If you’re interested in a beautiful landscape that highlights the tree’s natural form, then you’ll want to invest in winter pruning. In addition to creating an enhanced appearance, you’ll be grateful in the spring when your landscape is full of healthy, blooming greenery. Winter pruning creates stronger, healthier trees throughout the year. 

At Heritage Landscape, we understand the importance of maintaining healthy, strong trees. Call 816-307-2004 or email us today to find out how to properly care for your landscape in any season. 

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